With this ridiculously good weather I find that I've been a bit more selective with what I've been watching on TV the past few weeks. I really love watching TV, nothing pleases me more then crafting/blog reading/post writing with a bit of Corrie going on in the background but I've just not been feeling it so much (I thought it was the older you get the more soaps you watch??).
Instead I've watched a few good documentaries and read a couple of bloody good books that I thought you might like to know about...

First up, I watched Bill Cunningham New York a couple of weeks ago and couldn't quite believe just how dedicated he is to his work and how he has stuck to his morals throughout his whole life. The documentary is light hearted and he is such a character its hard not to get sucked in, by the end of it I wanted to run out with a film camera right then and snap everything I came across. Very motivational and it certainly pulled me out of my creative rut.

I finally got round to watching Gregory Crewdson's Brief Encounters film which follows his whole process of how he creates images - which closely resembles that of a movie set! It surprised me how meticulous he is to every little detail whilst creating the image but then in post production multiple images are often stitched together to create the ultimate picture that he was after. The film did go on a little long but it was very interesting, I love watching photographers' processes and how everything comes together.

One lazy Sunday we watched Dave Grohl's Sound City film a documentary made on the recording studios in LA where so many bands and musicians have recorded - including Fleetwood Mac, Nirvana and Tom Petty. It was so good to watch old footage and learn about the bands way back then and how they came together. It was quite a long film and seemed to be split into 3 sections but it certainly made me feel like I missed out on a whole load of fun stuff back then!

I've recently become a little bit obsessed with the work of Vivian Maier after watching a documentary on BBC iplayer. Although I'm glad I discovered her work, the documentary was a little slow - seen as though no one knows anything about her! I've been admiring her work ever since and completely taken away with some of her images. I'd definitely recommend giving it a watch or at least looking up some of her work, I can't quite get over some of the images she made.

After all that TV watching I sat down and read my first book through the kindle app - Dawn O'Porter's Paper Aeroplanes which I was completely drawn into from the first page. It took me straighht back to my school days, she got so much of it spot on; the way the girls are with each other at that age (I'm so glad I'm not at school anymore) and the general feelings of a teenage girl. Such a good read.

I'm currently reading Pink Bits by Kat George which I am loving, although it is a bit too short, I don't want it to end. It's a really honest and brutal read, I like women being honest about the important stuff it makes you feel like you're not alone!

If you have any recommendations for documentaries or books that you have seen/watched recently i would love to hear them! 

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