This Saturday and Sunday was the only weekend we've had free for a few weeks and I think it will be until at least the beginning of September, yikes! During the working week I kept thinking about what we should do come our precious two days off and every idea ended up turning back to 'not much'.
I met Steven after work on Friday at Peckham train station where we headed over to the Bussey Building to go to Kerb, Peckham. The queues for the food were pretty ridiculous but the bar one wasn't too bad, we got a drink and pondered what to do whilst eyeing up everyone's food.
Kerb, Peckham
Jess wrote a really good post on Kerb over on her blog and I wish I had gone to the first one they held, we went to the second one which was better promoted but ended up being far too busy for my liking. Also, what is up with the bar staff at these new 'pop up events' they have? Are they told to be as slow as possible/forget drink orders/have a complete nonchalant air about them? It keeps happening at every one I've been to, it's kinda putting me off a little! 
We ended up going to the shop to stock up on beer/wine and enjoyed a much needed night in catching up with some crappy TV.

I was in desperate need of a lie-in come Saturday morning and even though our blinds let all the light in, I still managed to sleep till 9.45, but then i felt like I had had too much sleep! Once we got out of bed a little while later we took ourselves off to the bank to get a joint bank account sorted (no biggie...) and pop by the butchers to get some sausages for my breakfast (Quorn ones weren't just going to cut it this weekend).
We caught up on a few episodes of Orange is the New Black on Netflix and gave the flat a quick tidy, I don't understand what happens to the flat over the working week - it's like someone has been let loose to move every single thing out of its place and put every item of clothing I have into the wash basket. It can't be me doing that, I'm barely here during the week!
Even though I said to myself I needed a day to relax and to not do anything, I still found myself looking for things to do. I can never seem to shake the guilty feeling that I should be doing something, anything, rather then enjoying doing very little. 
In the end we went to the shop to buy supplies for our feast of a tea that we had planned. We made a Red Thai Curry which was absolutely delicious, we even had some left for lunch on Sunday.
All in all a pretty lazy Saturday was had.

Sunday was a bit busier with a brunch of beans on toast and then a walk round Crystal Palace Park (pictures to follow later in the week). We then headed up to Camden to see Texas is the Reason at the Electric Ballroom, I haven't been to Camden since I stopped working up there back in March, which was a bit strange!

So that's our quiet weekend done. We're off on a mini break this coming weekend to Cambridgeshire which I am really looking forward to, obviously it will rain though, I think we're jinxed when it comes to holidaying in this country!

Hope you had a good weekend!


  1. I'm a little bit envious of your chilled weekend, mine was pretty mental and i don't think my liver is very happy with me... oh well!

    sorry to hear that kerb wasn't as great - I had hoped to go myself but missed it twice now.

    Looking forward to your pics of crystal palace park - it's one of my faves in london (mostly because of the dinosaurs and the farm)!

    that curry looks delish btw.

    1. Its good to piss off your liver every now and again though, right? My doesn't get angry enough nowadays!

      Crystal Palace was so lovely, really looking forward to sharing the pics :) x

  2. Ah sorry to hear the second installment of Kerb was a disappointment! My friends went and mentioned that the bar ran out of beer on tap almost straight away. I guess we were lucky with the first one not being as heavily publicized; we hightailed it out of Frank's because it was just SO damn busy, to find Kerb very chilled out until much later in the evening. Did you get to eat any tasty foods at least?

    p.s. I'm planning to (finally) take pics for my 'perfect day out in Peckham' this weekend!

    1. We didn't get any food - the queues were far too long and I was in post-work hungry mode, so just had a drink and headed home.

      I've taken a few so far but really need to get cracking on with it. Hopefully will get it done soon, where is the time going?! x


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