I could definitely do with doing this weekend over, nothing really went to plan! On Saturday I woke up to having pulled my back, I'm pretty sure it was lugging the works camera around all day on Friday with its stupidly big lens but that meant I could barely walk/laugh/sneeze (ouch) without it pulling. We did have plans to go to the market and go for some food but instead I had a whole day in my pyjamas with season 4 of Dexter, plenty of ibuprofen and some lovely advice from Kate saw me through (not bad eh). I was feeling much better on Sunday so we took a trip to Wing Yip and stocked up on our usual bits (the vegetarian chicken pieces are the best!) and spent the rest of the afternoon catching up on bits and bobs around the house.
But then I stupidly decided to make a butternut squash lasagne for tea which was so awful - I have no idea how it was so bad, but I couldn't eat it. Up next was the rhubarb crumble which had waaaay too much powdery crumble and was also awful (??) so I ended up with out of date treacle sponge pudding and low fat custard.

You can't win them all.


  1. I made such a disaster of a banana bread last night. I have no idea what went wrong, it was in the oven for an hour and a half (!!!!) and still wasn't cooked. I hate it when these things don't work out.

  2. Glad I could help :) Sorry to hear about your unsuccessful cooking - hate it when that happens - especially after all the effort you put in. Wing Yip makes everything better though!

  3. Oh no! I hate weekends like that. It does make you appreciate all the fun weekends, though!


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