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This was weekend was pretty easy going, we have quite a few busy weeks in the lead up to Christmas so I'm trying to grab any down time I can, I wasn't feeling too good Friday so took the chance to recover on Saturday by doing not much at all. And that means doing nothing at all but eating the most comforting of food (beans on toast, obv) and going for a walk in the crisp sunshine filled day (and getting in a few squinty pics) all finished off with X-Factor/I'm a Celeb whilst eating biscuits (isn't TV just the BEST this time of year?!)

On Sunday my Dad and his wife arrived in London for a few days for his birthday, so we went to the pub for some food and a catch up. I think my Dad was pretty pleased with his present too, don't you think? Ha!

Hope you had a good one too!



It has been SO long since I last showed anything crafty on this blog - but that's not to say I haven't been making anything. Part of my job is to make crafts for a magazine which I'll share more on later but for now, to ease my way back in slowly, I thought I would share an easy peasy way to jazz up your jars. Perfect for creating that warm fuzzy festive feeling at home!

glitter candle holder



Ohhhh my, I am feeling pretty relaxed and refreshed after booking Wednesday - Friday off work. A little time to catch your breath certainly works wonders for the mind it seems, who knew?!
I haven't had any time off work since our friends wedding in May so it was long overdue and I really needed to take a little breather to get ready for the Christmas mayhem at work.

It was a strange one though, the first two days I had off I found that I was still thinking about work fairly regularly but by Friday I was thinking more about project ideas that have been floating around for a while and doing a couple of long overdue updates to this here blog. It almost reminded me of when I use to work part time in a bar and I had loads of free time (except the fun times of the week, obv) to think about things I wanted to do. I do really enjoy my job but its crazy how much I think about it outside working hours.
I made sure the time I booked off was spent wisely, I wanted to try at least one new place and eat at a couple of my fave places because this was MY TIME! (totally did jazz hands then).

So here's a few things that I got up to...

only in england

I visited the Science Museum's new media space to see Only in England which was so flipping brilliant that I'm off back next week for a guided talk with Anna Fox. I loved how well curated it was, each room leading you perfectly into the next - but also each room could definitely have been an exhibition on its own. Both Martin Parr and Tony Ray Jones have so much humour in their work that I was smiling all the way around. I loved loved loved learning about Tony Ray Jones' work process - they had pages from his notebook when he was starting his projects in England and it really reminded me of the way I write notes for my plans of action for photography stuff; what I'm doing, what I need to do, what to do next etc. It's so nice to see how people whose work you look up to came about and the amount of thought and work they put in to it.

Hair and Food

I got my hair cut at a student training night, although the hair cut is fine I don't think I can handle the harsh criticism of teacher exclaiming to the student 'look at those ends!' so I'll stick to paying through the roof for someone to be nice to me thank you very much. Afterwards Steven took me out to Banana Tree (thanks for the recommendation Christina!), it was nice going somewhere that has a decent veggie and meat menu but the food was a bit meh. Also, it was SO loud inside it was like being in a club! It was pretty busy though so maybe we just ordered the wrong things?

five guys

I tried Five Guys for the first time since it opened as usually there is about 50 people waiting to be served, so I seized the opportunity of a queue-less Five Guys! I ordered a hamburger and small fries - ridiculous portion size (in a good way) and it cost a whopping £9.50, a little pricey for a fast food place I have to say. The burger was tasty and it's making my stomach grumble thinking about it (that squishy bun, mmmmmm) but I wasn't too fussed about the fries, I like mine thin! I'm not sure if I'd be back in hurry to be honest but then I do hear they are adding hot dogs to the menu...

Franco Manca

Again, we took advantage of the weekday no queuing malarky and went to my favourite pizza place, Franco Manca, for my fix of that stretchy soft sourdough base. I always tell myself I'm going to try a different pizza but always always always go for the chorizo one (there are TWO kinds of chorizo on it) and we ordered a little side salad to counteract the bad, therefore it has to be pretty healthy (right?).


I had to visit my favourite restaurant whilst I was off too, the perfect place for breakfast and a catch up with friends - Dishoom! I had the bacon naan roll which I have been dreaming about since I last went and a good chat with my pal.

That's Mark Hoppus stood up on the left *scream!*

On the Saturday night we went to a screening of a new documentary, FILMAGE: The Story of the Descendents/ALL, which showed how the massively influential band The Descendents and the band ALL formed and everything else that went with it. I really loved it, I didn't really know too much about the history of these bands before and seeing old footage of gigs/band practises from the late 70s/earlier 80s was such a pleasure. I also have to mention that I was stood about 10 metres away from Mark Hoppus (he was in the film a little bit) and he did a q&a thing afterwards with the creators of the film. My inner teenager was doing back flips around the room!

So all that, a couple of film days, general laziness and having a good sort out of my clothes was a few days off well spent I think.

It just goes too quickly doesn't it?! Hurry up weekend!



Kew Gardens

A few interesting things I've found in the big world of the web that I want to share with you...
(Picture above is completely unrelated to anything in this post...but does look rather nice sooo...)

Ikea Hackers! I'm not quite sure how I haven't come across this yet but of course there is a website out there for home modified Ikea items! Before I found this, I had just jazzed up our Expedit bookcase (yesss, we have one of those along with everyone else in the country) by lining it with some shelf adhesive so it was a very appropriate find. From the big to the small, there's something for even the cheese grater you got for a couple of quid!

I got emailed this Beginners Guide to Selling on Etsy the other day (this post isn't sponsored/ nor am I being paid or bribed or held at gun point to share this link) and I think it is SO useful. When I was trying to set up my Etsy shop way back at the beginning of the year, I wish this had been brought to my attention so I felt a little more ready (I recently closed it because I wasn't ready, go figure!)
The links that they supply on the 'No' sections are genuinely really helpful, so if you or anyone you know is about to set up shop - take a look at this first.

I recently met Ché very briefly at Freya's birthday/engagement extravaganza and we did that whole awkward conversation of 'What's your blog called?' and then you have to say your blogs name out loud and it doesn't really make sense when said out loud and then you die of cringing so much. BUT, Ché was so lovely and so funny that I wish I had spoken to her more and stupidly I've only just looked her blog up and it is so flipping good, I just love her drawings (and the conversations she has with her husband). So go have a look at IndieBerries!

I always enjoy reading Helena's blog, she writes very openly about all the skills she is learning from her photography based degree and how she is putting these into practise in the real world (something I wish I had done whilst at uni!). I found the post she recently wrote on Comparing, Copying and Imitating really interesting and got me thinking a lot about my process of working and what I do to improve and learn and develop. Definitely worth reading for all photographers out there, beginners or not.



Google Local Bonfire night
Google Local Bonfire night
Google Local Bonfire night
Google Local Bonfire night
Google Local Bonfire night
Google Local Bonfire night

Last week I got invited to the Queen of Hoxton for a Google City Expert's bonfire night, which was so much fun. They had this big tipi on the rooftop with loads of food (venison burgers and wild boar sausages) and fire pits ready for toasting marshmallows and my new favourite drink - hot buttered rum. Wowzers. I had loads of fun and smelt like a bonfire for at least 3 days after, probably from getting too close to the fire with those marshmallows...oops! It was definitely a nice way to spend bonfire night as we're usually a bit reluctant to stand in a field waiting for 5 minutes of fireworks!


On Friday we went to see Jimmy Eat World (ohhhhh yes!) with our friend Lizi and then went out for breakfast the next day at The Victoria Inn in Peckham which was deeeee-licious. The rest of the day I tidied the bedroom and re-organised my little craft desk - more pictures to follow when the light is a little better. I've got 3 days off at the end of this week which I can't bloody wait for. The last time I had a week off was in May so I am more then ready for a few days of relaxing, I'm hoping.

Hope you had a good weekend too!



It's been a loooong time since I did an exhibition round up but there are so many good ones on at the minute I thought I would share the ones that are on the top of my list.

First up and the one I'm most looking forward to seeing is Only in England: Photographs by Tony Ray-Jones and Martin Parr, not only because Martin Parr has a soft spot in my heart from when he gave a talk at our uni (he collects wallpaper!) but I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Science Museum's new Media Space. This is one exhibition not to be missed.

The exhibition is on now until 16th March 2014 and costs £8.

Gimpel Fils are currently holding an exhibition of the late Corrine Day's early work. All images are unseen and show friends and relationships that formed over 20 years ago in her and her partner's flat.

This exhibition is on until the 23rd November.

Philip-Lorca diCorcia East of Eden at David Zwirner. You've still got a week or so to see this so make sure you find the time. The description of it sounds really fascinating (I can't do it any justice, so go and have a read) and his Hustlers series is a firm favourite of mine. Really beautiful photography.

On until 16th November.

Hello, my name is Paul Smith at the Design Museum. Paul Smith galore! Need I say more?!

On from 15th November - 9th March 2014. Tickets are £11.85.

Home Truths: Photography, Motherhood and Loss at the Foundling Museum. Anyone who has studied photography has more then likely come across Susan Bright (it's bringing back some awful memories of doing my dissertation!) who curated this exhibition that explores the theme of loss in the relationship between mother and child. 

On until 5th January and tickets cost £4.

World Press Photo 2013 at Royal Festival Hall. I try and go every year to this, the images are often so unbelievably outstanding with such a wide variety of styles of subject. It's so nice seeing press pictures in an exhibition environment too, really makes a difference to flicking through the paper in the morning. 

It's on until 26th November and its free!

I hope this was useful and if you've been to/heard of any good exhibitions then please let me know!

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