Started the day with egg and soldiers

east dulwich

After breakfast we went for a walk up Lordship Lane in East Dulwich and looked through some (ridiculously over priced) records. I really love North Cross Road, there is so much there - including my favourite Thai but everything is so expensive on the market and in the shops that I find myself saying 'HOW MUCH?!' at every single thing (yes, I'm one of those people!). I wish I could be so frivolous with money that I could spend £4 on a bag of popcorn (yep, they seriously sell it for that price).

sylvan post

We then got the bus up to the Sylvan Post in Forest Hill which I discovered after going to Blook Club, it's a lovely little bar/food place that is housed in an old post office and they still have the old features and you can sit in the vault! I really wanted to take a million pictures of all the little details in the Sylvan Post but I get a little camera shy when places are busy so only took this one (I know...!) We ate a lovely lunch and had a few drinks before heading home for a night of X-factor and chocolate eating.

Hope you had a lovely weekend too!


  1. Huge craving for egg and soldiers now! Where can I get some in Southwark!!?

    1. Ohhh no, I have no idea :( Make sure you have some at the weekend :)

  2. Gorgeous photographs, just come across your blog now and I'm loving it!
    If you have a chance I would love you to check out my blog :)
    Hope you have an amazing day
    Lots of love,
    Kate xo


    1. Hi Kate, thanks for stopping by. Will definitely make sure I check your blog out x

  3. Replies
    1. I wish I could be bothered to have it everyday!

  4. love the stamps photo, its really got something to it! I'd love to go to the London markets, so jealous!


    1. Thanks Guy! You should definitely make a special trip for the market alone :)


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