I've found that I've got myself in to a bit of a routine at the minute; get home from work, TV on, eat, internet, eat cake/chocolate, internet, internet, internet, look up at the TV to see what I've left on, internet, internet, bed. It has potential to be productive internet time but really its just a cycle of refreshing websites and looking at beautiful things on Pinterest that make me want to weep. I have, however come across a few things that I wanted to share with you, I hope you like them as much as I do.

First up is the absolutely beautiful A/W 2013 collection from Rosapina Vintage. I can imagine every single one of these items in my wardrobe - especially this, I've already picked out every top I own that would go underneath and the shoes I would wear with it and the different coloured tights...ohhhh the possibilities! Unfortunately for me the dress is sold out (rather fortunate for my bank account...) but then that got me looking at this one instead and I'm already thinking of perfect opportunities of when I could wear this dress (there are SO many). But alas, I think I will have to make do with dreaming about each item and being completely inspired by the lookbook Ale has produced, completely and utterly beautiful.

Another new collection that caught my eye is by British maker, Nadinoo. There's something about this cooler weather that makes me suddenly feel a tiiiiiiiny bit more stylish and want to buy a million new things for my wardrobe. I love the fabrics she uses (a lot are sourced from Liberty I think) and the 50's/60's style of cut of her items are so dreamy. I'm just a sucker for beautifully made clothes, clearly..!

I also came across a really nice shop on Folksy called Mellybee. I love the illustrations and the style on her totes/badges/cards - she has some really nice Christmas stuff on there too which has got me SO excited. Also, I definitely need this tote bag for when I'm carrying around all my craft supplies (which is err... not as much as I would like, but STILL!). Some great gift ideas on there too.

Lovely stuff.


  1. I've never even heard of Folksy before!!! Mind = blown! I'll be spending hours on the internet this evening too now.x

    1. Whaaaaat?! That's crazy talk, I'm happy you've discovered it now :) x

  2. the pinafore dress by Nadinoo - oh my god, I want it! x


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