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So that's it, another year done. Over the past few days I've been thinking about the things that I want to achieve in 2014 and to be honest, a huge thing for me is that I've decided to try and not stress so much and to just see how it goes. Sounds a bit crazy to me but who knows?!

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Christmas Lights
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2013 for me was mainly focusing on my job and with me being maternity cover I have a feeling 2014 will be too - which is fine, I just want to make sure I don't over think everything, don't sell myself short and don't neglect this here blog of mine which I felt like I was doing a little bit towards the end of 2013.

painted tinAmy + Terry Wedding
Amy + Terry Wedding

Looking back on 2013, it was a good year. I changed jobs, developed my camera skills (I photographed a flipping wedding!), and I made some really great friends from the blogging community- some of the best, like-minded people I've ever come across and that is what truly stands out for me from this year.

Amy + Terry Wedding

Steven and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in a freezing Berlin and we also escaped to Paris for a day, we saw two of our dear friends get married and ate a shit load (mainly pizza) and I have to say it was the best year yet.

paris 3

We're planning our travels for our 6 years together at the end of January and I'm getting so excited, I can't wait for all the adventures we'll have in 2014.

Steven and I

For The Only Place, I want to get back in to featuring a few more crafts again and I want to carry on doing my favourite thing of exploring London and telling all you lovely folks about it. Which brings me on to say a big thank you to everyone who has read, commented, liked, shared or anything else to do with The Only Place, you really don't know how much I appreciate it, but I do, a lot.


So let's see what 2014 brings, hopefully some more of the good stuff.



After three Christmas dinners, 500 miles driven and a load of beer later we are back in London (in our own bed!) recovering from a stinking cold (me) and catching up on all that missed Christmas TV (him).
I don't think I can look at another pig in a blanket for a while but I am managing to get through the pretty impressive biscuit haul we got no problem.
We spent Christmas day with Steven's family and his little nieces and nephews - Christmas with kids is just the best, they love it so much and are excited for the WHOLE day, even when its bed time..! On Boxing Day we headed over to my mums and step dads to celebrate with my auntie and brother and his girlfriend too and then on the Friday we went to my dads and his wife's where my brother joined us again for more food and board games. It's a pretty full on few days but it's worth it. We don't often get to see everyone and seeing them all in the same week is really special.
I hope you enjoy the video I've made (above), I had a lot of fun making it in between sneezing and hot lemon drinks. I definitely want to make one of these every year from now on, such a lovely thing to look back on.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!




We had our lovely friends Nick and Sarah visiting us this weekend (with homemade vodka in hand!) so we took it as a chance to get the Christmas decorations up, the mulled wine simmering on the hob and to finally crack out those Christmas straws I've been saving since I bought them in September, yes! We started Saturday with a cooked breakfast (note to self, we definitely need a 4 slice toaster) and then took a short walk around the corner to the Bussey Building to go to the Crafty Fox Market. After how good last weeks one was in Brixton I didn't want to pass up the opportunity of getting in some forgotten about last minute Christmas presents. We had a slow walk around as it was super busy but all the stalls were brilliant and I bought the loveliest postcard made by Paper Moon, her stuff is beautiful. And I can't not mention Harriet Riddell of InStitchYou who does portraits on a sewing machine in 15 minutes, I have never been more impressed in my life!

xmas market

Afterwards we took the train up to the Southbank and endured the hell of trudging behind every tourist in London just to get a cup of mulled wine. Wow, I suddenly turned into Scrooge for a second there! Although it was mega busy it did start to make me feel a bit more Christmassy and we ended up walking around central looking at all the lights with plenty of oohing and ahhing. I really love London this time of year, it feels so magical! We then headed back to our place for a takeaway, more mulled wine and X Factor, obviously!

Hope you had a good weekend too!



Christmas is fast approaching and I haven't really got round to sorting everyones presents out yet, no amount of lists are getting me organised this year. I'm trying really hard to not be that person that's running around like an idiot on Christmas eve buying soap for my auntie or printing off that amazon voucher at the stroke of 12 but it looks like its heading that way. 
I've been finding it quite difficult finding the time (or motivation) to make presents this year like I did last year but I've been seeing a lot of gift lists floating around on blogs so I thought I would dig through my archives and give you some ideas of things you could make in no time at all (much better then a posh soap anyway!). 

How about making this super easy chalkboard paint mug (with cookie!), they went down really well with my dad/step dad last year, and you can make a huge batch of cookies to give to other people as presents.

For our friends I made these cute little baubles with their initials on them, it felt like such a kids craft with pva glue and glitter but they do look really nice once hung on the tree.

You could embroider a phone case (much cheaper then buying someone 'the perfect gift' of an iPad like Apple seem to think we would...), I still use this case now so certainly holds its value!

For the crafty/creative in your life you could give them an arty pack, with brushes and paints and don't forget the important homemade painted can for holding their brushes

Or finally, you could paint up some glasses to be used as candle holders, they do look much better with a candle in then in daylight though, so maybe be aware of that!

Crack out that glitter and glue and get crafting!



Well, what a weekend that was! After a bit of a lie-in on Saturday morning I headed over to Brixton for the Nuffnang workshop held upstairs at the Ritzy. I wasn't really sure what to expect from the event but I'm so glad I signed up for it. The guest speakers were very honest and open about blogging and crafting and how they turned this into a business, it was definitely an eye opener. I also have massive fringe envy at Fritha's beautiful hair! After the event I finally got round to changing my twitter and instagram usernames, so I'm now @_theonlyplace over on both because it just makes more sense rather then it being my real name, it all gets very confusing otherwise. That's what you get for starting a blog after signing up to everything! Annoyingly though I had to put that pesky underscore in there, nothing worse then seeing 'this username has already been taken'. Crap.

Crafty Fox Market
Crafty Fox Market
Crafty Fox Market
Crafty Fox Market
Crafty Fox Market

After the workshop we headed to the Crafty Fox Market down the road for a good old mooch around, I bought a really beautiful cushion cover which I had every intention of photographing yesterday but ended up being a *little* hungover from staying out till 5 o clock in the morning drinking limoncello at a friends. I didn't end up getting out of bed till it was dark on Sunday evening so yesterday was a bit of a right off, it's safe to say nothing on my weekend 'to do list' got done. Not to worry though, its like 2 weeks till Christmas, yes!



On Tuesday I got to spend the evening with Freya, Helena and Siobhan eating pizza (at Franco Manca, obviously), and chatting about anything and everything from marriage and kids to blogging and using blogger (and its adorable quirks like when it adds spaces in between every picture without you asking it to).
I feel pretty lucky being part of such a lovely blogging community here in London, so I thought I would share a few blogs that I have been really enjoying recently, that are all fairly local to me (obviously Freya's, Helena's and Siobhan's would have been on this list too!)

For Becca's honesty, Mundane Midweek is my favourite!
For Olivia's beautiful style, I wish I could pull of a beehive like she can

For Flora's sweet sweet words

For how ridiculously cute their tiny daughter is

And finally, for all the crafts, honesty and new adventures of living in Kent




This weekend was very much for recovering from the BUSIEST week at work, with people on holiday and off sick it was definitely a tough one for trying to keep everything together. So when Friday rolled round I was ready for that takeaway, 12 hours sleep and plenty of TV watching - and that's pretty much all we did for two days and it was SO good. We did find some time to put the fairy lights up though (and crack out the Christmas songs on Sunday morning!), which has got me so excited for Christmas I'm worried I will blink and it will all be over!

Hope you had a good weekend too!
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