After three Christmas dinners, 500 miles driven and a load of beer later we are back in London (in our own bed!) recovering from a stinking cold (me) and catching up on all that missed Christmas TV (him).
I don't think I can look at another pig in a blanket for a while but I am managing to get through the pretty impressive biscuit haul we got no problem.
We spent Christmas day with Steven's family and his little nieces and nephews - Christmas with kids is just the best, they love it so much and are excited for the WHOLE day, even when its bed time..! On Boxing Day we headed over to my mums and step dads to celebrate with my auntie and brother and his girlfriend too and then on the Friday we went to my dads and his wife's where my brother joined us again for more food and board games. It's a pretty full on few days but it's worth it. We don't often get to see everyone and seeing them all in the same week is really special.
I hope you enjoy the video I've made (above), I had a lot of fun making it in between sneezing and hot lemon drinks. I definitely want to make one of these every year from now on, such a lovely thing to look back on.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas!


  1. Lovely vid Jo! What a sweet idea, such a nice way to remember festive fun.
    Oh and Merry Christmas to you!X

  2. Wow, 3 Xmas dinners! I'm impressed :) cute video, you're right, it's such a lovely way to remember your time away. Really need to take more vids! X

  3. Such a great video! Looks like a fun Christmas.

  4. What a great video! I love that you filmed the driving bits, it brings the whole thing together. You're right - Christmas with kids is amazing! It reminds you what it's all about, and I love seeing them so excited x

  5. What a great memory to have for future. Definitely need to remember to make more of these.


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