Christmas is fast approaching and I haven't really got round to sorting everyones presents out yet, no amount of lists are getting me organised this year. I'm trying really hard to not be that person that's running around like an idiot on Christmas eve buying soap for my auntie or printing off that amazon voucher at the stroke of 12 but it looks like its heading that way. 
I've been finding it quite difficult finding the time (or motivation) to make presents this year like I did last year but I've been seeing a lot of gift lists floating around on blogs so I thought I would dig through my archives and give you some ideas of things you could make in no time at all (much better then a posh soap anyway!). 

How about making this super easy chalkboard paint mug (with cookie!), they went down really well with my dad/step dad last year, and you can make a huge batch of cookies to give to other people as presents.

For our friends I made these cute little baubles with their initials on them, it felt like such a kids craft with pva glue and glitter but they do look really nice once hung on the tree.

You could embroider a phone case (much cheaper then buying someone 'the perfect gift' of an iPad like Apple seem to think we would...), I still use this case now so certainly holds its value!

For the crafty/creative in your life you could give them an arty pack, with brushes and paints and don't forget the important homemade painted can for holding their brushes

Or finally, you could paint up some glasses to be used as candle holders, they do look much better with a candle in then in daylight though, so maybe be aware of that!

Crack out that glitter and glue and get crafting!

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