2014, OVER & OUT

Ashleigh & Mark Wedding

It's been a few weeks since I've visited this space of mine, the back end of this year has pretty much kicked my arse and getting motivated to do anything but get dressed in the morning has been proving to be quite difficult - but holy moly what I've learnt in those 3/4 months is really quite something. 

Lisa & Sandeep Wedding

I'm slowly starting to feel ready to take on the new year - I figured it's all in the preparation, I've bought a new diary to get myself organised (which I knocked a whole glass of water over), given the flat a good clean (which lasted for a day) and I've had a bit of change to the design on this blog, it's very, black and white now so that may change but...I'm getting there.


So, 2014, where do I begin? I'd say this year was one for mainly working hard, really hard.

The biggest change for me this year was getting a new job in September, finally getting the job you've worked towards ever since leaving uni is pretty terrifying/amazing/unbelievable and it's kind of taken over ever since but I'm learning how to manage that whole work/life thing one week at a time! 

Ashleigh & Mark Wedding
Ashleigh & Mark Wedding
Ashleigh & Mark Wedding
Ashleigh & Mark Wedding

Another huge thing for me was the weddings I photographed, I started by second shooting on a couple and then did 3 on my own - each one a week after each other just before I started my new job and it feels like I've been playing catch up ever since. I loved photographing those weddings, it's so special being a part of someones most memorable day - from seeing them in their pyjamas in the morning to the best view in the church and now I look back on the pictures with such happiness (and relief that the pictures look how I want them to!). 

Lisa & Sandeep Wedding
Lisa & Sandeep Wedding

I'm hoping to photograph a couple more next year and with a little more experience under my belt I think I'll be able to enjoy them more too.


I'm hoping to do a bit more travelling in 2015 but we didn't do too bad this year. We went away to Rome in January for our 6 year anniversary and ate pizza, pasta and gelato on rotation. 

Linton, Cambridgeshire
Linton, Cambridgeshire
Caravanning, North Wales
Caravanning, North Wales

In May we went to stay in a converted windmill in Cambridge and also did our annual family caravanning trip in August - this year was North Wales with visits to Liverpool and Anglesey.

Pizza Union
Festive weekend

A joyful weekend was had in Dorset visiting an old friend of Stevens and more recently a couple of nights in Bath - we also spent a few days holidaying right here in London (mainly eating pizza). Each year we live here I gain so much more fondness for this great city - except for the house prices and those bastards that ruin your morning commute. But I'm so happy that I've been able to experience living in London even if it might not be forever, who knows.

Charlotte, Lotts and Lots

Earlier in the year I started a new project of Bloggers at their Desks (still need a new name for it!) that I'm hoping to pick up again once the light gets better. Some of the nicest and loveliest people I know have agreed to take part in this project and I can't thank them enough. I don't think I've worked on a project like this since I was at uni so its nice to have something I can keep revisiting at my own pace. 

Freya + Adam

I also pulled my finger out and sorted out my portfolio which needs a bit of tweaking but I'm happy with the work I'm putting on there.

Holiday at home

I've decided that I'm not making any resolutions for 2015, just to try and do the usual stuff - put down the biscuits/chips, attempt to do some kind of physical exercise and not get too bogged down by life in general but overall things aren't so bad and I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen next year. I'll take a year of steady job, taking more pictures, visiting more places and eating the same amount of pizza. 
I have to admit though that I have neglected this blog a little from September onwards but looking back at the end of the year it's a lovely reminder as to why I blog and an incentive to blog more in 2015, its so nice having a record of those every day things and making sense of it all at the end of the year. So I guess I do have a resolution - to keep at this little space of mine. 

Easter weekend

Hope you've had a good year too and thank you for reading my blog, the comments/tweets/shares any kind of interaction mean the world to me. So, thank you. 




After a good snoop around the Royal Crescent we walked through a park and some side streets and found ourselves on the canal which we followed all the way round to the other side. The weather was just perfect, one of those crisp autumn days and the canal was empty - which made for a lovely stroll!


We met the only swan on the whole stretch of the canal and it broke my heart. 


We stopped for some lunch and a cuppa at The Bath Bun which was so very English and quaint - and did some really good soup! 


And had another mooch around the centre and took in all the old buildings and signs. 


For our last meal we went to Sotto Sotto which is number 1 on Trip Advisor for restaurants in Bath, we usually avoid the really popular places but we fancied a bit of a treat and luckily managed to get a table after a cancellation. To get to the restaurant you need to go down some steps off the mani road and its tucked away in a vaulted cellar! 


The first thing I have to say was that the service was excellent, I couldn't fault it. I had the Italian sausage pasta which was cooked perfectly (and I think this was the first time I've ordered pasta when there's pizza on the menu!) and although Steven's pizza was very nice - especially the roasted garlic...its hard to compare it when you've had the best one going.
But I would definitely recommend Sotto Sotto, the specials menu looked great if you eat fish/meat and as I say the service was fab.

So that was the end of our two days in Bath, isn't it great all the places this country has to offer!?

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