Holy crap, the wedding I photographed in Spain last year for our friends Amy and Terry is featured on Rock n Roll Bride today. I found out a few weeks ago this was happening and have been struggling to keep my trap shut as I really really didn't want to jinx it, but here it is and now I want to tell everyone who will listen.
I'm so happy that the first (and only) wedding I have photographed has been featured, obviously the majority of it is owed to Terry and Amy looking pretty darn suave but I'm over the moon that my pics are on there!
Their wedding was of epic DIY proportions which needs to be shared with the world and I'm so glad it has been - the 3 tiered cake of cheese, her beautiful dress (and shoes!) and all the delicious food her mum cooked for all the guests, pop over and have a read about their day in more detail.

I'm so pleased they let me photograph their wedding even though they knew I hadn't done one before, it was pretty daunting (for both of us!) but I learnt so much and looking back on the pictures I'd do a few things differently which has definitely put me in good stead for the weddings I'm photographing later this year, I'm so excited!

I'm really hoping there are many more to come too...


  1. Well done Jo, so exciting and well deserved!

  2. I saw this earlier (love rock and roll bride) - this is v.cool. It looks like it was an amazing wedding, the pictures are ace :) x

    1. Thanks Annie! :) very pleased its up x

  3. Wow, you clever person! Your photos look fantastic. Many congratulations to you and to Amy and Terry!

    1. Aww thanks Flora! Very kind of you x

  4. Jo!!!
    I'm so happy for you, but you totally deserve to be in that site, because your photos are wonderful!!!
    I discover your blog just a week ago, and I love it!
    I really hope you are going to have a lot of others weddings!
    Have a nice day!

  5. ROLL ON SEPTEMBER!!!! :D I cannae wait!!

    And....congrats....again :P x


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