It feels like I haven't had a weekend with no plans at all for a long time, which I'm certainly not complaining about but every once in a while it feels nice to have nothing on whatsoever and take each hour of the weekend as it comes. 
We ate a lot of good food these past two days including this delicious breakfast of fruit and pastries which we had on Sunday morning. I forget the name of those flowers but when you move them they rattle like tissue paper, so weird. I feel like things have been getting a little bit on top of me recently, you know when you feel like everything is happening at once and you can't seem to put your full focus on it all? I'm not quite sure of the best way to deal with it but two days of doing not much at all seemed to help! 

Hope you had a good weekend too! 


  1. Gorgeous photo! I know the feeling so well, and a few days off always does the trick for me too xx

  2. Stop making me jealous of your breakfasts ok? It sounds like you had a lovely relaxing weekend. I'm a big fan of a food and chat weekend as well, sometimes it is just what the doctor ordered x

  3. don't you love doing nothing?!

    and this photo though, gorgeous!

  4. this is really the best isn't it? to have all the time in the world eating an enjoyable breakfast and still have the time to appreciate the "messiness" after the morning feast =) your photo speaks it all <3

  5. I love having a relaxed breakfast too,a great start to the day. Taking time out always helps when things get too much xx

  6. I do love weekends with no plans, it's kind of nice seeing what might happen and not feeling pressed to be anywhere at any specific time!


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