Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk

On Saturday we went for a sunny stroll down Regent's canal starting off at Kings Cross and finishing in Regent's Park. We haven't really explored around King's Cross since they've been doing all the regeneration but it was nice to see plenty of people enjoying the area, I mean, there is a Dishoom up there which is so beautifully decorated that that's good enough reason on its own to go. 

Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk

The walk along the canal is perfect if you have family visiting and they want to avoid the London crowds and I would say it is peaceful but the speeding cyclists ringing their bells the whole way down kinda ruin that. 

Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk

There's lots to see along the way though and you could really make a day of it stopping off to explore each area the canal runs through. 

Canal walk
Canal walk
Canal walk

We finished our stroll with a snooze in Regents Park, the freak 30 degree heat wore us out! But by the looks of the leaves in the picture above, Autumn is on its way!



We had some family come visit so we played tourist for the day and showed them as much of London as we could. Sometimes its nice to remind yourself how special London can be!

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A short video of our long weekend in Taunton with my family. Subscribe to my channel here and read about/see more pics here.

Get me back in that tent!




Last weekend we visited my mum and step dad in Taunton for our annual holiday with them (last year North Wales, year before Cambridgeshire and Cornwall first year). We did a trip out to quaint Cockington and watched some cricket, ate lovely breakfasts, drank lots of tea and generally had a nice time. 


We were even more excited this year though as we got to try out our new tent for the first time! We researched and watched many a video of people putting up tents and also did a lot of eyeing up other peoples tents at campsites and we finally settled for the Vango Capri 500 which is an Airbeam one so no rods to hold it up, instead it blows up. Vango say that it takes 8 minutes to put up but we tried it twice and our PB came in at about 20 minutes.


It's nice and spacious inside, they say its a 5 man tent but I think it's the perfect size for a couple with bags and cooking stuff and I am very pleased that it doesn't look ridiculously big from the outside. I have to say that the canopy on the front is a life saver, it's nice to still be able to make a cuppa even though its pouring with rain (which of course it did). We also have a little living area with windows which let so much light in. This was the first time we've used an electrical hook up too which I know sounds very fancy and not like camping at all but the only thing we used it for was to charge our toothbrush and my camera battery otherwise I would have been very grumpy indeed. The electric hook up is definitely a luxury but very handy if going for more than 3 nights and we were there for 4 so...I'll stop making excuses.  


The only thing I think we need to get is the footprint for the tent to protect it from being damaged on rocky ground and then we are fully fledged campers with all the gear and a little bit more of an idea. We still have potentially 2 camping trips left out of this year before the weather turns too cold and I can't wait to get back out there. 
(By the way, I feel like I have to say that I wasn't paid or given this tent to review, we bought it ourselves... although I wish we were given it as it was so flipping expensive! But we agreed that its worth it!)


I'm putting together a video of our time there which will hopefully be ready by the end of the week so will post it on here when it's finished...and on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here. Hope you had a good weekend too! 



This week marks our 5 year anniversary of living in London. When we moved all of our stuff down from Leeds, it rained so heavily on the M1 that we couldn't see the car in front of us. I thought this might be an omen telling us to forget it and turn back around but we stuck it out and made our obscenely small studio flat (basically a small bedroom with a sloping ceiling) in West London our home for the next 6 months. We then migrated south of the river where the promise of cheap rents and leafy streets lured us in, and we got a one bedroom flat with a bit of concrete outside that we could call a garden! But then everyone else did the same and the cheap rents became really quite unaffordable along with everywhere else in London. Kent, anyone? 

The Shard

Along with most Londoners I have a love/hate relationship with this city, it's given me good jobs and plenty of opportunities and I have met so many like minded people that I am very fortunate to call my friends.
However, I do feel that something has to give. We can't afford to buy a home or really move out of this flat because the rents have gone up so much that we'll probably have to live in zone 6 and then give up our jobs because we can't afford the travel card in to Central. But this isn't anything new, we are in the exact same situation as so many people I know. I have absolutely nothing wrong with renting but because there is no control on it, each year our rent goes up it means we are being pushed out of the area we live in. I do feel very fortunate to be living in this city and that we have made it work for us and I am very proud that we didn't turn back on the M1 that day...or even 4 months later when I was still unemployed but we stuck it out and London is our home. I feel quite reflective about London at the minute and what it is I am getting out of living here anymore...but I guess that comes with being in it for 5 years. Some days I feel like it's a stagnant relationship where we're both sick of each other and I'm done. Some days I find myself smiling at the things that make this city spark - like the view from Blackfrairs bridge I have every morning on my commute or the TFL announcers wishing us a lovely day.
It's quite scary how quick the past 5 years have gone by and I am so glad we moved here and have had the chance to experience London. But come on London, sort yourself out for us normal folk. 

I was searching through my old hard drive to find a pic of our first London 'flat', and the one only I could find was this... there's the bed in the corner, behind Steven taking the picture was the kitchen (a 2 ring hob and a microwave that didn't work) and next to me is the sofa...cosy! I think you can tell how happy I was. 

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