Last weekend we visited my mum and step dad in Taunton for our annual holiday with them (last year North Wales, year before Cambridgeshire and Cornwall first year). We did a trip out to quaint Cockington and watched some cricket, ate lovely breakfasts, drank lots of tea and generally had a nice time. 


We were even more excited this year though as we got to try out our new tent for the first time! We researched and watched many a video of people putting up tents and also did a lot of eyeing up other peoples tents at campsites and we finally settled for the Vango Capri 500 which is an Airbeam one so no rods to hold it up, instead it blows up. Vango say that it takes 8 minutes to put up but we tried it twice and our PB came in at about 20 minutes.


It's nice and spacious inside, they say its a 5 man tent but I think it's the perfect size for a couple with bags and cooking stuff and I am very pleased that it doesn't look ridiculously big from the outside. I have to say that the canopy on the front is a life saver, it's nice to still be able to make a cuppa even though its pouring with rain (which of course it did). We also have a little living area with windows which let so much light in. This was the first time we've used an electrical hook up too which I know sounds very fancy and not like camping at all but the only thing we used it for was to charge our toothbrush and my camera battery otherwise I would have been very grumpy indeed. The electric hook up is definitely a luxury but very handy if going for more than 3 nights and we were there for 4 so...I'll stop making excuses.  


The only thing I think we need to get is the footprint for the tent to protect it from being damaged on rocky ground and then we are fully fledged campers with all the gear and a little bit more of an idea. We still have potentially 2 camping trips left out of this year before the weather turns too cold and I can't wait to get back out there. 
(By the way, I feel like I have to say that I wasn't paid or given this tent to review, we bought it ourselves... although I wish we were given it as it was so flipping expensive! But we agreed that its worth it!)


I'm putting together a video of our time there which will hopefully be ready by the end of the week so will post it on here when it's finished...and on my YouTube channel which you can subscribe to here. Hope you had a good weekend too! 


  1. Your tent is huge! Love that you guys are both in stripes too :) x

    1. Ha! Didn't even notice, maybe we should make a stripy top schedule, oops! x

  2. Great tent. We had a similar one up until last year, but now we have invested in a vintage travel caravan. Now that I have finished al the renos in it, my oldest son had nerve enough to ask when we would use the tent again??!! Ugh. Never happy!

    1. Oooh a vintage travel caravan, sounds brilliant! Maybe he should stay in the tent and you can stay in the caravan :) x

  3. Oh that looks bliss! What a fun camping trip.

  4. omg can you two stop being so cute please. This look idyllic and I want to print out that cricket photo and have it forever.


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