So thats it, the clocks have gone back, the nights are darker, the days are colder. My scarf is officially being worn! I can wear tights without feeling like the grinch who stole summer. Amazingly, with this new season I seem to have acquired more brain power, I'm motivated, I'm making stuff, I'm reading and taking more pictures. I want to make food when I get in from work (sometimes) and I want to write more on this little blog of mine. Exercise hasn't got the memo yet though.

I think it's important for me to remember the times when I feel motivated and inspired to actually do things. There are so many times when I feel like I don't want to do anything at all and hopefully when I feel like that one day, I'll read this post back and I will remember how I was feeling and it will spark a little something to get me going again. What a nice thought eh.
I figured that the times I feel motivated to do things, and then I actually do them, all feed in to the things I do in the future and have way more impact then I could have imagined at the time. And that is my thought of the day.


  1. Love this! So very very true! Lou X

  2. Absolutely! I like remembering those times of motivations and making a little note of them. I feel like I'm falling into a little bout of no motivation, but this was just the thing I needed to read to perk me back up!


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