Kate & Dave got married at Northbrook Park in Surrey which is an absolutely beautiful location and is big enough to hold a whopping 155 guests! They were married over the Christmas period and I think we were lucky enough to have one of the only days where the sun was shining. A very traditional and classic wedding with peacocks roaming the grounds and gypsophila featuring through out the day. I've put more pictures of the day on my website which you can look at right here.





So this is the first proper blog post on here for a while, I have been busy making videos every week so not really feeling the need to photograph every day bits and bobs which I don't really know how I feel about...do I want to photograph those moments? is video enough? do I need to do more more more? I have also had a mammoth editing session over the past few weeks for the wedding I photographed over Christmas so just wanted to get that finished then I can concentrate on other stuff, and its finished, so here I am doing other stuff...yay!

I'd like this blog to go more towards the things that I'm up to, listening to, reading, thinking about etc etc. And I will then use the blog section on my website as a place to show more photographs, little photographic mini series I have been working on, the weddings and so on. All things pictures basically. But then is that too much blog? Is this going to get confusing? Who knows but I'm going to give it a go. I did have thoughts of perhaps shelving this little blog of mine but I am quite fond of it so who cares if the only person who reads it will be me in 2 years time crying into my tea because I'm old and it 'only felt like yesterday'. Who cares!

So that is that. I am really enjoying making my videos though which I am keeping going with and I have some serious thoughts about the book I have just read so will do a post on that very soon (I think it has changed my life?! No, its not the tidying book). I'm also getting a fair few weddings booked in for this year which is making me so happy, its just the loveliest of things getting to photograph peoples weddings, I feel very lucky.

I'll be back soon with tales of the life changing book.

The picture above has nothing to do with anything really but I have posted a few photos from the same set over on my other blog (see what I did there? Pure genius) with an explanation as to why I took them which you can read right here
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