Banana and chocolate loaf

It's been a long time since I've done any baking so on Saturday I made this tasty banana and chocolate loaf and I couldn't resist taking a picture. It's a Mary Berry recipe I found on the BBC Food website and it's the easiest recipe to follow, only took 10 minutes and there's not THAT much sugar in it...so...that and the bananas means its pretty good for me? (just ignore the double amount of chocolate chips I added).



It's been a little while since I logged into this space of mine on Blogger. I'm currently in that weird stage of finding a balance between keeping this old faithful blog where I love to show pics/videos of my life and updating the new blog on my website with more serious photography. Serious photography? I'm not sure what I'm on about but I am really pushing my wedding photography and actually my photography in general because now is the time! And I am EXCITED! So I just want to put it out there - because I suddenly realised I haven't actually said it on this blog...if you, or anyone you know is getting married please head over to my website, have a look and get in touch if you like what you see. I am taking on weddings from September this year and have already got a few booked in so I am READY!
I can't flipping wait. 

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