Our Inflatable Home - OPI
We are currently nearing the end of our mainland Europe trip, we have lived in a tent for 11 weeks now...kind of going strong still...but also gearing ourselves up to return and get settled again...which is terrifying! Where are we going to live?! What are we going to do?!  

I haven't blogged on here for the whole time we've been away as I have been writing about our travels over at Our Inflatable Home which got picked up by stylist.co.uk and lonelyplanet.com - so amazing and exciting for my pics to be featured there. Lonely Planet!! I guess when we return blogging will resume as normal on here as I have missed this space, so until then...I'll leave you with a few of my favourite pics from this trip.
Castel Camping le Brevedent
Loire Valley
Ile de Re
Our Inflatable Home Dordogne
Pont d'Arc Camping le Clapas
South of France
Our Inflatable Home - OPI
Our Inflatable Home, Innsbruck
Our Inflatable Home, Zell am See
Our Inflatable Home, Zell am See
Our Inflatable Home, Heeg
Our Inflatable Home, Munich
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