We arrived back in the UK nearly two weeks ago now, it feels very strange as the 12 weeks we spent in the tent seemed to last forever (in a good way) but the past 14 days have just flown by! Not sure what that's all about?! I put a post up yesterday on our travel blog (link - Our Inflatable Home) of our route and some stats of the trip. Since we've been back we've managed to get away in the tent for a few days to a quaint village called Wheldrake not too far from York and spent time with both sides of our families. It's been really really lovely to be back and fingers crossed we've also found a flat to rent out in a placed called Guiseley not too far from Leeds, hopefully we should find out in the next few days if its definitely ours. It's pretty much out in the countryside so quite the change from London thats for sure! (if you live in the Leeds area, can we be friends??)

I'm starting to take on a few bits of photography work again too and I'm really looking forward to getting settled so I can get back in the swing of things and take on more (if you're getting married, looking for lifestyle/family shots then have a look here www.joannecrawford.com). And we're so excited to start exploring a new place. I've already started making my Yorkshire To Do list, very exciting! If you have any Yorkshire tips - especially pizza places then send 'em over!

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